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I have created this site to unite family members, and collect and share information among the descendents of the Gallihugh family. I hope that this page will assist Gallihughs and their descendents to locate each other and hopefully, provide missing information regarding our ancestors and other relatives.

The descent chart was updated 8/9/15, so numbers may have changed. I now have the entire genealogy list on one page. Due to information discovered by my dad in 2011, I've changed the spelling of Thomas' last name to Gallihugh, since that's how it's listed on the newly discovered information, which also has him listed as being born in Scotland.

The initial information contained in these pages was collected by my uncle, Robert Henry Gallihugh (who passed away 10/29/00). More recent information has been gathered through my efforts and from invaluable contributions by relatives. This compilation of data would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of our family members.

You will need to return to this home page to navigate to other pages on this site. Refer to the Explanation of Charts page for more information about the site and its contents. Go to "descendent chart" to view the Gallihugh lineage dating back to Thomas in the 1700's.



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If you know of anyone, whom I do not have listed, please contact me with the information. If I have any incorrect, misspelled, or outdated information listed, please inform me so that I may correct it (human error and typos do occur). Please notify me of any broken links or other technical problems you may encounter while exploring this site.

I would appreciate receiving copies of any wills, obituaries, licenses, stories, or photos, which you may have to share. The entire list gets updated periodically, so individual descendent numbers may change.



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