US Census Listings


Much of the earlier census information listed is from research using SOUNDEX.

Databases from 1860 on are too large to use this method.

I will continue to update the files as I discover more entries.



No listing for any Gallihugh-related names.



No Gallihugh-related names, closest matches are Gallishaw (MA) & Galashaw (NY)




Ann Gallihugh-Ohio, Ohio Co KY

Sary Gallohugh-VA




Elijah Gullehugh-Madison, Madison, VA

Sarah Gullehugh-Madison, Madison, VA

William Gillighy (?)-Perry, Gallia, OH




Name-Birth year-Residence

Moses Gallihugh-1830-Madison, Madison VA

Elijah Gollihugh--Madison, Madison VA

William Gllayhugh--Chillicothe, Ross OH





Ann Gullihugh-Madison, Madison VA

Elijah Gullihugh-Madison, Madison VA

Moses Gullihugh-Madison, Madison VA

Chas Gallahue-Franklin KY




1850 – Soundex not used (listed 18,000 + names)

Name-Estimated Birth Year-Birth State-Residence

Thomas Gallihue---AL

Charles A Gallihue-1835-VA-Eastern District, Marion VA

Mary Ann Gallihue-1830-VA-Eastern District, Marion VA

Edward Gallihue---VA

John A Gallihue-1818-VA-Palatine, Marion VA

Phebe Gallihue-1821-VA-Palatine, Marion VA

Phenix Gallihue-1840-VA-Palatine, Marion VA

Warren Gallihue-1842-VA-Palatine, Marion VA

John C Gallihue-1821-PA-Fairmont, Marion VA

Letitia Gallihue-1828-VA-Fairmont, Marion VA

Mary Gallihue-1837-VA-Fairmont, Marion VA

William J Gallihue-1798-VA-Fairmont, Marion VA

Phenix Gallihue-1828-VA-Fairmont, Marion VA

Ellen Gallihue-1832-VA-Fairmont, Marion VA

Mary Gallahue-1806-VA-Neave, Darke OH

James Gallahue-1828-VA-Neave, Darke OH

Mary Gallahue-1830-VA-Neave, Darke OH

Abram Gallahue-1834-VA-Neave, Darke OH

Matilda A Gallahue-1836-VA-Neave, Darke OH

Isaac Gallahue-1838-VA-Neave, Darke OH

Thomas Gallahue-1793-Ireland-Jefferson, Fayette PA

John Gallahue-1819-PA-Jefferson, Fayette PA

Catharine Gallahue-1824-PA-Jefferson, Fayette PA

Harriett Gallahue-1849-PA-Jefferson, Fayette PA

Ellen Gallahue-1834-Ireland-Boston Ward 4, Suffolk MA

Henry Gallahue---VA

Henry Gallahue---WV

Elijah Gallahugh - farmer-1799-VA-Madison VA

John Gallahugh– overseer-1827-VA-Madison VA

Arthur Gallahugh – laborer-1828-VA-Madison VA

Sarah E Gallahugh-1832-VA-Madison VA

Andrew J Gallahugh – lab.-1834-VA-Madison VA

George W Gallahugh-1836-VA-Madison VA

Jemima C Gallahugh-1838-VA-Madison VA

Moses W Gallahugh-1843-VA-Madison VA

Martha E Gallahugh-1844-VA-Madison VA

Julia Gallahugh-1807-VA-Madison VA

Mary A Gallahugh-1844-VA-Madison VA

Edna Gallahugh---VA

John W Gallahugh – carp.-1822-VA-Madison VA

Ellen J Gallahugh-1819-VA-Madison VA

Clayella H Gallahugh-1847-VA-Madison VA

Clarissa R Gallahugh-1849-VA-Madison VA

Alphens C Gallehue – Merchant & Meth minister-1818-VA-Grandview, Washington OH

Eliza A Gallehue-1826-PA-Grandview, Washington OH

Mary E Gallehue-1842-PA-Grandview, Washington OH

Leonidas? Gallehue-1845-PA-Grandview, Washington OH

Philander Gallehue-1849-PA-Grandview, Washington OH

Henry Gollihue-1786-VA-Eastern district, Marion VA

Phebe Gollihue-1802-PA-Eastern district, Marion VA

Harvey Gollihue-1829-VA-Eastern district, Marion VA

Ann Gollihue-1832-VA-Eastern district, Marion VA

Catherine Gollihue-1833-VA-Eastern district, Marion VA

Alpheus Gollihue-1836-VA-Eastern district, Marion VA

Clark Gollihue-1840-VA-Eastern district, Marion VA

No 1850 listings for Gallihugh, Gallyhue, Galleyhue, Gulleyhue, Gulleyhugh, Gollihugh, or Gallehugh



1850 Slave Schedule

Slave Owner’s Name-Slaves owned-Residence

Julia Gallahugh-7 – females/ages: 28, 9, 7, 3, 0

males/ages: 5, 2-Madison VA

William Gallahugh-1 – 7 yo female-Madison VA



Name-Birth year-Birth state-Residence

William Gallihugh-1824-VA-Rockingham VA

Sarah Gallihugh-1825-VA-Rockingham VA

Rebecca Gallihugh-1850-VA-Rockingham VA

Joseph E Gallihugh-1853-VA-Rockingham VA

William Gallihugh-1855-VA-Rockingham VA

Stewart S Gallihugh-1857-VA-Rockingham VA

David F Gallihugh-1858-VA-Rockingham VA

Reuben Gallihugh-1859-VA-Rockingham VA



1860 Slave Schedule

Name-Slaves Owned-Residence

M Gallahue-1 30 yo male-Georgetown, Scott KY




1870 US Census for Gallihugh

Name-Birth year-Birth place-Residence

Catharine-1864-OH-Concord, Champaign IL

Henan-1869-OH-Concord, Champaign IL

Isaac-1837-VA-Concord, Champaign IL

Laviseo-1854-VA-Concord, Champaign IL

Rebecca A--VA-Concord, Champaign IL

Abraham-1860-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Abraham-1832-VA-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Amanda-1862-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Elizabeth-1842-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Jackson-1863-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

James-1827-VA-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Martha-1865-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Addie M-1860-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Andrew J-1835-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Atsby-1861-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Betty-1860-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Catherine-1868-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Catherine-1845-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Clarissa R-1850-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Eliza-1869-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Ellen A-1822-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

George-1835-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

John W-1816-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Martha A-1866-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Sarah-1845-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Sidney-1842-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

William Abner-1868-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

William E-1858-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

William H-1862-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Christian-1864-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

David-1856-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Erasmus-1862-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Joel-1850-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Mary S-1867-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Mode-1860-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Newton-1854-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Rebecca-1852-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Samuel-1858-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

Sarah-1830-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA

William -1825-VA-Linville, Rockingham VA


1880 US Census for Gallihugh

Name-Age-City, County-State-Birthplace-Relation-Marital status-Birth year

Catherine-16-Concord, Champaign-OH-OH-Daughter-S-1864

Henon-11-Concord, Champaign-OH-OH-Son-S-1869

Isaac-42-Concord, Champaign-OH-VA-Self-W-1838

Wayne-8-Concord, Champaign-OH-OH-Son-S-1872

Abraham-20-Jefferson, Mercer-OH-OH-Self-M-1860

Abri-49-Jefferson, Mercer-OH-VA-Self-M-1831

Dorah-16-Jefferson, Mercer-OH-OH-Wife-M-1864

Elizabeth-39-Jefferson, Mercer-Oh-OH-Wife-M-1841

Isaac Jackson-17-Jefferson, Mercer-OH-OH-Other-NA-1863

Mandy Ellen-18-Jefferson, Mercer-Oh-OH-Other-NA-1862

Erma-1-Onarga, Iroquois-Il-Il-Daughter-S-1879

John C-28-Onarga, Iroquois-IL-VA-Self-M-1852

Lena-21-Onarga, Iroquois-IL-IL-Wife -M-1859

Turner A-19-Onarga, Iroquois-Il-VA-Other-S-1861

Ves-27-Onarga, Iroquois-Il-VA-Other -S-1853

Marietta-15-Jefferson, Mercer-Oh-Oh-Other -NA-1865

John-60-Rapidan, Madison-VA-VA-Self-W-1820

William-25-Rapidan, Madison-VA-VA-Son-S-1855



1880 US Census for Gallehugh

Name-Age-City, County-State-Birthplace-Relation-Marital status-Birth year

Allice-17-Pawpaw, Marion-WV-WV-Other-S-1863

Elizabeth-22-Lexington, McLean-IL-VA-Daughter-NA-1858

John-53-Lexington, McLean-IL-VA-Self-M-1827

Lucy E-19-Lexington, McLean-IL-IL-Daughter-S-1861

Mary A-48-Lexington, McLean-IL-VA-Wife-M-1832

Noah F-15-Lexington, McLean-IL-IL-Son-S-1865

Thomas-25-Lexington, McLean-IL-VA-Son-S-1855



1880 US Census for Gallehue

Name-Age-City, County-State-Birthplace-Relation-Marital status-Birth year

Christian-16-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Son-S-1864

David-23-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Son-S-1857

Erasmus-19-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Son-S-1861

George W-8-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Son-S-1872

Mary S-14-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Daughter-S-1866

Moses-21-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Son-S-1859

Samuel-24-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Son-S-1856

Sarah-56-Plains, Rockingham-VA-VA-Self-W-1824

Herbert G-3-Chenoa, McLean-IL-Il-Son-S-1877

John M-27-Chenoa, McLean-IL-VA-Self-M-1853

Mary E-30-Chenoa, McLean-IL-British America-Wife-M-1850



1880 US Census for Gallahue

Name-Age-City, County-State-Birthplace-Relation-Marital status-Birth year

Alpheus-63-Rhineback, Duchess-NY-VA-Self-M-1817

Alpheus-32-Rhineback, Duchess-NY-NY-Son-S-1848

Eliza A-56-Rhineback, Duchess-NY-VT-Wife-M-1824

Eliza M-37-Rhineback, Duchess-NY-PA-Daughter-S-1843

Catherine-25-Troy, Rensselaer-NY-Ireland-Other-S-1855

Esther-35-Pierrepont, Lawrence-NY-Ireland-Other-S-1845

Eliza-53-Allegheny, Allegheny-PA-VA-Other-S-1827

Anna V-19-Philadelphia




John R-33-Philadelphia


Joseph J-20-Philadelphia




Mary B-14-Philadelphia




Michael F-25-Philadelphia


George W-9-Ashby, Shenandoah-VA-VA-Son-S-1871

Mary A-6-Ashby, Shenandoah-VA-VA-Daughter-S-1874

Sallie K-4-Ashby, Shenandoah-VA-VA-Daughter-S-1876

Maria-41-Clay, Harrison-WV-WV-Wife-M-1839

William H-51-Clay, Harrison-WV-PA-Self-M-1829

Ada M-20-Ravenswood


Arthur W-9-Ravenswood


Monroe M-22-Ravenswood




Affie A-12-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Daughter-S-1868

CA-45-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Self-M-1935

Harry L-10-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Son-S-1870

Henry-92-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Other-W-1788

JC-59-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Self-M-1821

Joseph M-22-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Son-S-1858

Louise M-53-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Wife-M-1827

Mary J-39-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Wife-M-1841

Nancy A-9-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Daughter-S-1874

Thomas C-21-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Son-S-1859

William J-5-Union, Marion-WV-WV-Son-S-1875

AT-42-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Self-M-1838

Anna L-15-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Daughter-S-1865

Lilia-13-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Daughter-S-1867

May-2-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Daughter-S-1878

Sophia-38-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Wife-M-1842

Virginia R-17-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Daughter-S-1863

Walter H-10-Curtis, Roane-WV-WV-Son-S-1870

Ellen-22-Pella, Ford-IL-IL-Daughter-S-1858

Julia-48-Pella, Ford-IL-Ireland-Wife-M-1832

Katie-14-Pella, Ford-IL-IL-Daughter-S-1866

Patrick-18-Pella, Ford-IL-IL-Son-S-1862

Peter-47-Pella, Ford-IL-Ireland-Self-M-1833

Thomas-20-Pella, Ford-IL-IL-Son-S-1860

Edward-47-Petty, Lawrence-IL-KY-BIL-M-1833

Emma-6-Petty, Lawrence-IL-KY-Daughter-S-1874

Josie L-1-Petty, Lawrence-IL-IL-Daughter-S-1979

Sarah A-46-Petty, Lawrence-IL-OH-Self-M-1834

Woodford-4-Petty, Lawrence-IL-IL-Son-S-1876

Medea R-16-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Daughter-S-1864

Phebe M-8-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Daughter-S-1872

Phenix M-40-Indianapolis Marion-IN-VA-Self-M-1840

Philip M-6-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Son-S-1874

Sarah N-36-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Wife-M-1844

Mary F-29-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Daughter-M-1851

Nellie-7-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Gdaugh-S-1873

Ralf-2-Indianapolis Marion-IN-IN-Gson-S-1878

WC-38-Indianapolis Marion-IN-WV-SIL-M-1842

CH-46-Forks Elkhorn, Franklin-NY-KY-Brother-NA-1834

Jason-37-Forks Elkhorn, Franklin-NY-KY-Brother -S-1843

Charles W-37-Jeffersontown


Emma L-7-Jeffersontown


James E-3-Jeffersontown


John T-41-Jeffersontown


Mary E-9-Jeffersontown




Anna-13-Louisville Jefferson-KY-KY-Other-S-1867

Edward-14-Stamping Ground, Scott-KY-KY-Other-S-1866

Jason-44-White Sulpher, Scott-KY-KY-Self-M-1836

Julia-28-White Sulpher, Scott-KY-KY-Wife-M-1872

Mary-8-White Sulpher, Scott-KY-KY-Daughter-S-1872

Will-13-Midway Woodford-KY-KY-Other-S-1867

Edmond-34-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Self-M-1846

Edmond-10-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Son-S-1870

James-9-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Son-S-1871

Johanna-30-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Wife-M-1850

John-3-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Son-S-1877

Michael-7-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Son-S-1873

Patrick-5-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Son-S-1875

William-1-Boston Suffolk-MA-Ireland -Son-S-1879

George-34-Wayne, Marion-IN-IN-Self-S-1846



The 1890 US Census was destroyed by fired in 1921. Only fragments remain.

There are no Gallihughs listed on any of the fragments.



1900 US Census for Gallihugh

Name-Birth Year-Birth State-Residence

Abraham-1897-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Abraham H-1860-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Abraham-1832-VA-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Allie-1898-TX-Justice, Dallas TX

Ames A-1896-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Anne A-1863-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Annie-1879-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Boone-1889-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Ceal-1871-KY-Justice, Dallas TX

Charles H-1897-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Chas-1885-IL-Bogard, Henry MO

Daniel-1890-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Edward-1867-VA-Acquia, Stafford VA

Elbert L-1898-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Elizabeth-1841-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Ella-1896-OK-Bogard, Henry MO

Emil G-1853-IL-Bogard, Henry MO

Francis E-1864-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

George-1837-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

George-1875-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Gilbert L-1884-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Hattie-1900-TX-Justice, Dallas TX

Hazel-1892-KS-Kansas City, Wyandotte KS

Henon-1869-OH-Concord, Champaign OH

Henry-1896-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Henry-1897-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Henry M-1891-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Homie-1876-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Humphrey-1886-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Ira A-1887-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Irene-1899-KS-Kansas City, Wyandotte KS

Isaac-1830-VA-Concord, Champaign OH

Isaac J-1863 -OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

J-1863-VA-Bogard, Henry MO

James W-1892-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Jno W-1882-IL-Bogard, Henry MO

John W-1891-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Josephine-1887-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Leona-1884-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Letisha-1891-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Lona-1877-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Lucy -1879-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Lucy L-1896-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Lula B-1880-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Lydia -1882-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Martha F-1859-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Marven-1900-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Mary -1872-OH-Kansas City, Wyandotte KS

Mary-1881-OH-Gallipolis, Gallia OH

Minnie-1895-TX-Justice, Dallas TX

Noah-1865-IL-Kansas City, Wyandotte KS

Oda I-1888-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Patrick-1866-Ireland-Manhatten, NY NY

Rosa-1878-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Saltio-1824-VA-Plains Rock VA

Sarah A-1848-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Sarah E-1899-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Sidney-1845-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Silva O-1897-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Sophia-1898-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Van J-1894-KS-Kansas City, Wyandotte KS

Wade-1890-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Wayne-1872-OH-Concord, Champaign OH

Wayne-1892-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Weldon S-1894-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

William-1855-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

William A-1859-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Willie H-1864-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA



1910 US Census for Gallihugh

Name-Birth year-Birth state-Residence

            Wife-birth year – birth state

                        Children – birth year – birth state


Abraham 1832 VA Jefferson, Mercer OH

          Elizabeth 1840 OH

                   Humphrey (grandson) 1886 OH

Abraham H 1861 OH Bloomfield, Missaukee MI

          Francis E 1840 OH

                   Wayne 1892 OH

                   Henry 1895 OH

                   Abo 1896 OH

Annie 1862 OH St Mary’s, Auglaize OH

                   Addie 1888 OH

                   Sylvia 1897 OH              

Sarah E 1899 OH

                   Ormand 1904 OH

Boone 1889 OH Jefferson, Mercer OH (hired man)

George 1836 VA Rapidan VA

          Sarah 1850 VA

                   Henry 1885 VA

Herbert  1886 VA Rapidan, Madison VA

          Minnie 1892 VA

                   Archie 1908 VA

                   Stewart 1910 VA

Isaac 1834 VA Johnson, Champaign OH

                   Henon 1869 OH

                   Wayne 1871 OH

JC 1852 VA Bogard, Henry MO

          Elma 1851 IL

                   Chasly 1896 IL

                   Ella 1896 OK

James 1875 TN Quail Village, Collingsworth TX

            Bulah 1891

                        John W 1900 TV

                   Roy 1903 TX

                   Willie 1905 TX

James E 1876 MI Tacoma, Pierce WA

          Myrtle 1882 IA

John 1890 VA Madison VA (Hired man)

John A 1887 OH Columbus, Franklin OH (Lodger)

John M 1854 VA McLean IL

          Mary E (Burnham) 1851 Canada

                   Blossom Corliss 1881 IL

John W 1881 IL Henry MO

          Nellie B 1877 MO

                   John F 1902 MO

                   Lura R 1905 MO

                   Ralpha R 1905 MO

Joseph 1875 VA Madison VA

          Alma 1879 VA

                   Albert L 1898 VA

                   Benjamin F 1899 VA

                   James W 1901 VA

                   Robert J 1902 VA

                   John 1905 VA

                   Ella Bell 1907 VA

                   Robert Lee 1907 VA        

Lutitia 1891 OH Jersey, Licking OH (boarder)

Moses 1848 VA Robertson, Madison VA (boarder – uncle to Sarah M Berry)

Noah F 1865 IL Wyandotte KS

          Mary B 1874 OH

                   Van 1892 KS

                   Hazel 1892 KS

                   Irene 1899 KS

                   Fred 1901 KS

Robert S 1878 VA-Culpeper VA

          Almira J 1880 VA

                   William H 1905 VA

                   Jimmie L 1908 VA

                   Lester F 1909 VA

Thomas J 1854 VA McLean IL

          Mary H 1864 IL

                   Maud 1885 IL

                   Leona 1887 IL

                   John E 1901 IL

Tom   1885 KY Kanawha WV

          Elsie 1891 KY

Wade 1890 VA Rapidan, Madison VA (lodger – John Hicks household)

Weldon 1893 VA Rapidan, Madison VA (servant – McDaniel household)

William A 1870 VA Robertson, Madison VA

          Annie M 1881 VA

                   Marvin 1901 VA

                   Jessie 1903 VA

                   Nellie 1905 VA

                   Roy 1906 VA

                   Daisy 1910 VA

William E 1855 VA Rapidan, Madison VA

          Mattie S 1859 VA

William H 1859 VA Rapidan, Madison VA

          Martha E 1861 VA

                   Lucy L 1894 VA              

Viola 1901 OH

Joseph J 1903 VA


1920 US Census for Gallihugh

Name-Birth Year-Birth State-Residence

Kinoimi-1869-OH-Towanda, Butler KS

Mayne-1872-OH-Towanda, Butler KS

ER-1876-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Rosa M-1901-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Emma-1903-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Autie-1906-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Shella-1881-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Eva-1886-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Willie-1906-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Albert -1914-KY-Rush, Carter KY

Mollie-1915-KY-Rush, Carter KY

John -1891-VA-Sparrows Point, Baltimore MD

William-1894-VA-Sparrows Point, Baltimore MD

Rose M-1900-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Ida-1902-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Albert-1903-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Anna -1905-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Joseph-1907-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Ellen-1909-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Albertina-1913-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Dene-1914-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Rita-1919-MA-Worcester, Ward 7 MA

Lester F-1908-VA-Cedar Mountian, Culpeper VA

Ella M-1910-VA-Cedar Mountian, Culpeper VA

Hubert T-1913-VA-Cedar Mountian, Culpeper VA

Andrew D-1915-VA-Cedar Mountian, Culpeper VA

Sarah-1846-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Henry-1898-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Edith-1906-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Sarah K-1919-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Herbert -1885-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Minnie-1886-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Archie-1908-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Stuart-1910-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

David-1912-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Danie-1884-VA-Brightwood, Madison VA

Nelie F-1885-VA-Brightwood, Madison VA

Lettie F-1915-VA-Brightwood, Madison VA

Mary E-1916-VA-Brightwood, Madison VA

Joseph F-1917-VA-Brightwood, Madison VA

Sarah K-1919 -VA-Brightwood, Madison VA

Wade M-1891-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Nettie F-1891-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Roy L-1915-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Virginia P-1918-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Marvin-1900-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Naomi-1901-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

James E-1876-MI-Tacoma, Pierce WA

Myrtle O-1883-IA-Tacoma, Pierce WA

Tom-1860-WA-Shepherdstown, Jefferson WV

Sophie-1907-KY-Romney, Hampshire WV

Daniel-1890-OH-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Nettie-1895-OH-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Laverne-1917-OH-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Abraham-1898-OH-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Rose H-1901-MI-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Henry-1895-OH-Lake, Missaukee MI

Atta-1897-IN-Lake, Missaukee MI

Arvel-1915-MI-Lake, Missaukee MI

Ralph-1919-MI-Lake, Missaukee MI

Wayne-1893-OH-Owosso, Shiawassee MI

Belva-1893-MI-Owosso, Shiawassee MI

Waneta-1915-MI-Owosso, Shiawassee MI

Manilla-1917-MI-Owosso, Shiawassee MI

John W-1881-IL-Bogard, Henry MO

Nellie B-1877-MO-Bogard, Henry MO

John T-1903-MO-Bogard, Henry MO

Elpha R-1906-MO-Bogard, Henry MO

Lena K-1909-MO-Bogard, Henry MO

Mabel C-1911-MO-Bogard, Henry MO

Charles A-1886-IL-Bogard, Henry MO

Daisy A-1883-MO-Bogard, Henry MO

John C-1852-VA-Bogard, Henry MO

Glena G-1860-IL-Bogard, Henry MO

Ella C-1896-OK-Bogard, Henry MO

LB-1854-VA-Bolivan, Polk MO

Rebecca-1858-IL-Bolivan, Polk MO

Hariet-1901-NY-Elizabeth City, Union NJ

HM (Henry Marion)-1891-OH-Black Creek, Mercer OH

Edith-1891-OH-Black Creek, Mercer OH

Robert-1913-OH-Black Creek, Mercer OH

Elizabeth-1841-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Abe-1861-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Addy-1903-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Isaac-1863-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Louisa-1886-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Mina-1912-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Josepha-1915-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

Dale-1916-OH-Jefferson, Mercer OH

WC-1881-KY-Green, Scioto OH

Polly -1885-KY-Green, Scioto OH

Vernon-1910-KY-Green, Scioto OH

Virgil-1912-KY-Green, Scioto OH

Curtis-1917-ID-Green, Scioto OH

Clifton-1918-KY-Green, Scioto OH

Charles W-1872-KY-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Annie L-1876-KY-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Allie-1899-TX-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Albert-1906-TX-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Jahue-1908-TX-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Nora -1913-TX-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Oleta-1915-TX-Justice, Collingsworth TX

Henry-1917-TX-Justice, Collingsworth TX

James L-1975-KY-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Breta-1891-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Ray H-1903-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Willie P-1905-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Lillie M-1911-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Lorena L-1913-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Minnie W-1915-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Bessie-1917-TX-Lelia Lake, Donley TX

Richard S-1879-VA-Cedar Mountain, Culpeper VA

Almyra J-1879-VA-Cedar Mountain, Culpeper VA

Robert J-1903-VA-Cedar Mountain, Culpeper VA

William H-1905-VA-Cedar Mountain, Culpeper VA

James L-1908-VA-Cedar Mountain, Culpeper VA



1930 US Census for Gallihugh

Name-Birth Year-Birth State-Residence

AF-1875-KY-Alhambra, Maricopa AZ

Allie-1878--Alhambra, Maricopa AZ

FM-1917--Alhambra, Maricopa AZ

Mary E-1851-Canada England-Chenoa, McLean IL

Thomas J-1855-VA-Normal, McLean IL

Mable-1882--Normal, McLean IL

Anna A-1918-MI-Ft Wayne, Allen IN

Helen-1869-OH-El Dorado, Butler KY

Fred W-1901-KS-Quindaro, Wyandotte KS

Elma L-1902--Quindaro, Wyandotte KS

Way F-1865-IL-Quindaro, Wyandotte KS

Mary B-1872--Quindaro, Wyandotte KS

Earl-1896-KY-Ashland, Boyd KY

Daniel-1889-OH-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Orman A-1904-OH-Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Lillian A-1899--Battle Creek, Calhoun MI

Henry-1895-OH-Emmett, Calhoun MI

Anna-1898--Emmett, Calhoun MI

Orville-1915--Emmett, Calhoun MI

Eugene-1917--Emmett, Calhoun MI

Harold-1919--Emmett, Calhoun MI

Lawave-1926--Emmett, Calhoun MI

Abraham-1896-OH-Emmett, Calhoun MI

Emma-1896--Emmett, Calhoun MI

Humphrey-1885-OH-Lee, Calhoun MI

Hazel-1896--Lee, Calhoun MI

Arbutus H-1917--Lee, Calhoun MI

Thomas A-1919--Lee, Calhoun MI

William -1921--Lee, Calhoun MI

Ira A-1887-OH-Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Goldie-1892--Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Luther-1919--Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Mary M-1920--Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Ethel M-1923--Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Lillian L-1926--Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Doris O-1928--Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Ira ---Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Nellie B---Cedar Creek, Wexford MI

Lena K-1909--Blairstown, Henry MO

Charles W-1921--Blairstown, Henry MO

Martha E-1924--Blairstown, Henry MO

John C-1852--Blairstown, Henry MO

Van J-1895-KS-Kansas City, Jackson MO

Mary A-1902--Kansas City, Jackson MO

Henry M-1891-OH-Guiderland, Albany NY

Edith L-1891--Guiderland, Albany NY

Robert L-1913--Guiderland, Albany NY

John -1898-KY-Cincinnati, Hamilton OH

Lucy-1894--Cincinnati, Hamilton OH

EJ-1880--Cincinnati, Hamilton OH

Isaac-1863-OH-Celina, Mercer OH

Louisa-1886--Celina, Mercer OH

Mima-1912--Celina, Mercer OH

Orpha-1914--Celina, Mercer OH

Dale-1916--Celina, Mercer OH

Dillion-1970--Celina, Mercer OH

Catherine-1864-OH-Jefferson, Montgomery OH

Albert W-1905-OK-Predinct 3, Collingsworth TX

Pearl-1907--Predinct 3, Collingsworth TX

WA-1926--Predinct 3, Collingsworth TX

John R-1924--Predinct 3, Collingsworth TX

Willie-1905-TX-Clarendon, Donley TX

Nefa-1907--Clarendon, Donley TX

Vivian-1926--Clarendon, Donley TX

Mary Ellen-1928--Clarendon, Donley TX

Billy Wayne-1924--Clarendon, Donley TX

John W-1906-TX-Precinct 1, Donley TX

Bertha J-1908--Precinct 1, Donley TX

Roy L-1926--Precinct 1, Donley TX

Zelma L-1928--Precinct 1, Donley TX

Nora I-1927--Precinct 1, Donley TX

Mary -1915--Cedar Mountain, Culpeper VA

Almos-1890-VA-Ruckersville, Greene VA

Alma-1898--Ruckersville, Greene VA

Lancy-1879-VA-Locustdale, Madison VA

Fannie-1887--Locustdale, Madison VA

Gertrude-1907--Locustdale, Madison VA

Virgie-1920--Locustdale, Madison VA

Elner-1922--Locustdale, Madison VA

Mildred-1924--Locustdale, Madison VA

Robert S-1879-VA-Locustdale, Madison VA

Almarie-1878--Locustdale, Madison VA

Delmer-1913--Locustdale, Madison VA

Robert-1903--Locustdale, Madison VA

Hubert-1912--Locustdale, Madison VA

Lester-1909--Locustdale, Madison VA

Walter-1905--Locustdale, Madison VA

Mary -1908--Locustdale, Madison VA

Mary -1928--Locustdale, Madison VA

Lester-1910--Rapidan, Madison VA

Annie-1900--Rapidan, Madison VA

Elizabeth-1918--Rapidan, Madison VA

Virginia-1920--Rapidan, Madison VA

Georgia B-1922--Rapidan, Madison VA

Nina B-1924--Rapidan, Madison VA

Rosie-1926--Rapidan, Madison VA

Katherine-1928--Rapidan, Madison VA

Joe-1882-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Louis-1885--Rapidan, Madison VA

James-1900--Rapidan, Madison VA

Petter-1911--Rapidan, Madison VA

Bennie-1912--Rapidan, Madison VA

Dollie-1914--Rapidan, Madison VA

Hettie-1918--Rapidan, Madison VA

Belle-1920--Rapidan, Madison VA

Herbert-1880-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Mennie-1885--Rapidan, Madison VA

Archie-1905--Rapidan, Madison VA

Stewart-1907--Rapidan, Madison VA

Doris-1909--Rapidan, Madison VA

Willie-1904-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Ora-1904--Rapidan, Madison VA

Pearl-1925--Rapidan, Madison VA

Martha-1927--Rapidan, Madison VA

Henry C-1899-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Edith-1902 -VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Sarah-1920-VA-Rapidan, Madison VA

Claude-1922--Rapidan, Madison VA

Edna-1923--Rapidan, Madison VA

Rose L-1925--Rapidan, Madison VA

Shirley-1927--Rapidan, Madison VA

Weldon L-1894-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Corrie B-1903--Robertson, Madison VA

Iverson-1922--Robertson, Madison VA

Cornelius-1923--Robertson, Madison VA

Fannie L-1924--Robertson, Madison VA

Prvy-1926--Robertson, Madison VA

Elven-1927--Robertson, Madison VA

Linder H-1928--Robertson, Madison VA

William H-1863-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Roy -1909-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Nealie-1911--Robertson, Madison VA

John W-1893-VA-Robertson, Madison VA

Flora D-1888--Robertson, Madison VA

John T-1924--Robertson, Madison VA

Harry W-1922--Robertson, Madison VA

William -1891-VA-Barbour, Orange VA

Nettie T-1891--Barbour, Orange VA

Roy S-1915--Barbour, Orange VA

Virginia P-1918--Barbour, Orange VA

Thomas M-1921--Barbour, Orange VA

SB-1899-VA-Madison, Orange VA

Effie-1900--Madison, Orange VA

Estelle---Madison, Orange VA

McKinley-1927--Madison, Orange VA

Allen-1929--Madison, Orange VA

James E-1875-OH-Tacoma, Pierce WA

Myrtle C-1882--Tacoma, Pierce WA

Herbert A-1908-KY-Fayetteville, Fayette WV

Blanche W-1912--Fayetteville, Fayette WV

Althea M-1929--Fayetteville, Fayette WV

Ernest-1897--Fayetteville, Fayette WV

Forest-1893-KY-Kistler, Logan WV

Marie-1898--Kistler, Logan WV