Gallihugh Documents

I possess copies or other proof of these documents


Gallihugh Marriage Licenses





Edney Grimsley

Missy C

Henderson W Weakley

Jemima Catherine

Philander Goodall

Clayella Henry

William Smith Bledsoe


Benjamin Cave


Ellen AJ Rose

Andrew J

Sidna Fincham

George W

Sarah Berry

Sarah Elizabeth

Chadwell Berry Jr

Clayella Henry

Thomas Looker

Bettie A

James S Yowell

Martha A

Edmond L Piltie

Eliza L

William H Weakley

Lena E

Andrew F Knighting

Hettie J

Hubert A McDaniel

Laura Belle

Charles E Hawkins

William A

Mildred A Batman


Alma Gaar

William Abner

Annie V Grayson


Andrew C May


Minnie Berry

Wade McKinley

Nettie Thomas Hicks

Moses Walton

May Francis McAlister

William A

Martha Breeden


Edward A Jenkins

Sarah Elizabeth

Perry Louis Ely
































Gallihugh Marriage Certificates (to obtain license) Virginia


George Washington Gallihugh & Sarah Berry

Nancy Gallihugh & Benjamin Cave

John Gallihugh & Ellen AJ Rose

Hannah Gallihugh & Thomas Southard

Andrew Jackson Gallihugh & Sidna Fincham

Evaline Galleyhugh Gallihugh & William Taylor

Clayella Henry Gallihugh & Thomas Looker

Moses Gallihugh & Julia Aylor

Elijah Gallihugh &  Edney Grimsley




Parental Letter of Consent for Daughter to Marry - Virginia

These are hand-written letters, giving consent for the daughter to marry, signed by person in parentheses


Elijah Gallihugh & Edney Grimsley (Rowland Berry)

Nancy Gallihugh & Benjamin Cave (Thomas & Sarah Gallihue)

John Gallihugh & Ellen AJ Rose (William Rose)
Hannah Gallihugh & Thomas Southard (Thomas Gallihugh)

Clayella Henry Gallihugh & Thomas Looker (EJ Gallihugh)




Gallihugh Marriage Licenses -Michigan

Sarah Elizabeth Gallihugh and Perry Louis Ely (daughter of Isaac Gallihugh & Annie Lyman) 10/22/1912 Wexford Co, MI




Birth Records

Births Recorded in Family Bible of Isaac Gallihugh & Mary Battern

Inscription written in Bible: "When this you see, remember me, tho the distance many miles be" William Battern February 4th, 18??

John W Gallihugh b. December 22nd 1822

Martha Irene Gallihugh b. January 12th 1825

James W Gallihugh b. March 5th 1827

Evelina Gallihugh b. September 4th 1828

Mary Gallihugh b. September 30th 1829

Abraham H Gallihugh b. November 18th 1831

Matilda Anne Gallihugh b. August 20th 1834

William Isaac Gallihugh b. March 8th 1837



Birth Records 1906 to 1948 of Grand Traverse County, Michigan

Gallihugh, Earl Thomas 1/10/1918 to Henry Gallihugh and Edith Adams 2nd of 2 children



Last Will & Testament

William E Gallehugh of Madison County, VA left his entire property to his wife, Martha Frances to do as she wishes with February 1888

Last will and testament of Moses Gallahugh of Madison, VA was proved September 27, 1849




Death Records

Stillborn female twins of Elizabeth Gallahue and Percy L Ely; Kalkaska Co, MI d. 3/16/1913

Sarah E Ely, daughter of Isaac Gallehugh and Anna Lyman, in Kalkaska Co, MI d. 3/30/1922 age 23yrs

Henry M Gallihugh b. Celina, OH b. 9/19/1890 d. 10/5/1941 Kalkaska Co, MI age 51 yrs


State Death Index Listings:

Archie Earl Gallihugh b. 1/1/1909 d. 9/30/1993 Marion Co, OR

Dewey Car Gallihugh b. 7/4/1898 d. 7/23/1978 Marion Co, OR

Alva Gallihugh d. 5/25/1913 Carter Co, KY age 12 yrs

Elsie Gallihugh d. 5/21/1913 Carter Co, KY age 22 yrs

Dennis Ross Gallihugh b. 1/25/1952 d. 9/22/1985 San Francisco, CA

Henry Gallihugh b. 9/17/1895 d. 7/21/1981 Calhoun Co, MI

Belva P Gallihugh b. 7/7/1890 d. 7/24/1982 Genesee Co, MI

Dale T Gallihugh b. 10/18/1916 d. 9/10/1976 Wayne Co, MI

Charles H Gallihugh b. 1/15/1915 d. 3/2/1991 Gladwin Co, MI

Norma J Gallihugh b. 3/22/1930 d. 6/28/1995 Isabella, MI

Anna M Gallihugh b. 5/26/1901 d. 4/27/1992 Calhoun Co, MI

Luther E Gallihugh b. 8/13/1918 d. 9/18/1995 Midland Co, MI

Garrett R Gallihugh b. 10/31/1993 d. 11/18/1993 MI

Oudie I Gallihugh b. 2/11/1888 d. 3/25/1976 Gladwin Co, MI

Orman A Gallihugh b. 8/21/1903 d. 1/20/1979 Calhoun Co, MI

Orville E Gallihugh b. 6/28/1915 d. 3/31/1975 Barry Co, MI

Delbert A Gallihugh b. 4/11/1911 d. 1/12/1987 Gratiot Co, MI
Robert L Gallihugh b. 12/5/1912 d. 5/15/1987 Grand Traverse Co, MI




12/15/1854 James Gallihugh bought 37.1200 acres in Defiance, OH