Explanation of Charts and Pages

Some of the Descendent Charts (6-8) are large files. Please allow a few moments for them to download.

To protect the privacy of the living and presumed living, I have omitted identifying data. I arbitrarily chose the year 1900 as the cut-off date for determining who may still be living. The Descendent Chart lists all known (to me) descendents of Thomas Gallihugh. It contains the names of descendents, children, and spouses – no dates. For more information on protecting the rights of the living, go to: home.sprynet.com/~harrisfarm/warning.htm. If I have inadvertently listed the dates of someone who is still living, please inform me and I will remove the data.

Due to the large size of the Gallihugh genealogy, each generation is listed separately, except for generations 1-3. Only those continuing to carry the Gallihugh name are included in my database. One generation not carrying the name will be listed, but not their descendents (due to the overwhelming enormity of information and to keep the site true to the "Gallihugh" line).

For persons known or presumed (less than 100 years old) living, I have omitted birth and marriage dates. These dates have been replaced with 'Private'. If 'Private' is not listed after someone's name, I do not possess the information. If you have the needed dates, I would appreciate your notifying me and supplying me with the information. I strive to obtain correct and complete information.

Following are the pages currently posted in The Gallihugh Family website.

Thomas Gallihue provides the information that has been obtained about the first known "Gallihugh". 

Missing Persons lists the Gallihughs for whom I have no known connection, but would like to find one.

Landmarks is about the Gallihugh mountain and cemetery. I'd love to receive more information on them.

Reunions is about the annual Gallihugh reunion held in Michigan. I will post information about the reunions, as it is received.

History of the name is a speculation, obtained through research, about the origin of the name "Gallihugh" as written by my Uncle Bob.

A Gallihugh Photo Page was added in February 2000. Anyone wishing to submit photos for posting, please send or email them to me.

The Military Service page lists all Gallihughs known to have served in our combats and services.

The SSDI is a listing of all Gallihughs listed in the Social Security Death Index.

The US Census page lists all Gallihughs in the US Census.

Marriage Licenses is a listing of all marriage licenses obtained by me.

Who am I?      I am Cynthia J (CJ) Gallihugh, 8th generation descendent of Thomas Gallihugh.

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