Ira Anderson Gallihugh 1887 - 1962




Ira with first wife, Lenore B Stedke, circa 1905 With second wife, Goldie Ocidelle Kittle, circa 1917








Evelyn, Adam, Goldie, Ira, Luther Edward "Boots", Mary Magdeline (baby), circa 1920



Luther Edward Boots, Ira Anderson, ??, Adam, Goldie (holding Ira Jr), Mary Magdeline, Opal Doris, Evelyn

Front: Ethel Mae, Lillian Lucille, Circa 1928


Ira & Goldie with Goldie's sister, Belle.  Ira, Sylvia Opal, and Oudie Isaac



Goldie, Boots, Ira (holding Doral Keith), Ethel Mae, Frank St John (holding Lester Veral St John),

Lillian Lucille, Opal Doris (holding Vivian Joyce), Mary Magdeline, Scott Poulson, Larry Lee (in front)

Circa 1940



Ira with daughter, Mary Magdeline